Real Estate Development

We have vast experience in real estate development. We conceptualize, design and construct the most comfortable houses and office complex. We also undertake renovation of house, offices and recreation facilities.


Our properties are comfortable, spacious and beautiful with a touch of nature.

Construction Materials

In other to meet our client’s budget while maintain quality, we stock various construction materials, which comes in various sizes, colour, texture, styling and prices. The idea is to meet your peculiar needs at a short notice. Our highly qualified workforce is always available to give efficient supply services. Our price is right, packaging excellent and our delivery swift. Activehai’s location is strategic, hence, leaves you with a delightful experience

Consulting Services

From the wealth of our experience in the logistic field, we have the requisite expertise to advice our client in the following areas:

  1. Transportation logistics, including haulage for both commercial and private fleet.
  2. Security travel advisory services.
  3. Security planning and implementation

Firefighting Equipment Sales/ Installation

We specialize in the sales and installation of firefighting equipment and fire alarm systems for both office and residential buildings.

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